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1. NS JOURNAL: Gov. Roy Cooper announces new executive order imposing stricter face covering requirement

"Gov. Roy Cooper announced a new executive order which would enact a stricter face covering requirement.

'Our statewide mask requirement has been in effect since June and it is still our best weapon in this fight. Today’s executive order will further tighten that mandate, making it clear that everyone needs to wear a mask whenever you are with someone you don’t live with,' said Cooper at Monday’s media availability from the Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh.

Executive Order 180 goes into effect on Wednesday, Nov. 25, and runs through Friday, Dec. 11."

"The new mask order grants state and local law enforcement the authority to cite and fine individuals not wearing a mask in the settings specified by the order. It also permits law enforcement to 'cite a business or organization that failed to enforce the requirement to wear Face Coverings.'

The section on enforcement goes even further, dictating that police have to be called and the person refusing to wear a mask or if that person refuses to leave. That business can be cited and the person can be charged with trespassing “any other laws that the worker or Guest may violate.'"

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2. DALLAS NEWS: Texas, Louisiana can end Planned Parenthood funding, federal appeals court rules

"The full 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reverses an earlier ruling by a three-judge appellate panel that blocked Texas from enforcing its ban on Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood."

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3. NRTL NEWS: 6th Circuit upholds Tennessee law banning abortions performed because the baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome

“On Friday the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave the state of Tennessee a big victory when a three-judge panel ruled the state could begin enforcing a ban on abortion, except to save the mother’s life, when the abortionist knows that the woman is seeking the abortion because of the child’s sex or race or if he knows the woman is seeking an abortion because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome.” 


4. WSJ: Supreme Court Blocks COVID-19 Restrictions on Religious Services in New York

“A divided Supreme Court blocked New York from imposing strict limits on attendance at religious services to combat Covid-19, with new Justice Amy Coney Barrett casting the pivotal vote to depart from past cases that deferred to state authorities on public-health measures.”



5. N&O: A ban on cities passing LGBT protections is about to expire. NC activists look ahead

“North Carolina could face another HB2-style showdown in the coming weeks, after a ban on cities enacting non-discrimination rules for local businesses expires Dec. 1.

But with city officials publicly silent so far, it remains to be seen where in the state — or even if — new changes might start.

Transgender and gay rights activists have already been pushing cities to start enacting new protections. Kendra Johnson, executive director of the Raleigh-based LGBT advocacy group Equality NC, said a big focus will be housing. She said landlords shouldn’t be able to deny people housing due to their sexuality or gender identity.”




LORD, you also have instructed us to pray for our governing officials, and we come to you in the spirit of this petition. We pray for our national government and its executive, legislative, and judicial servants. May they indeed be servants unto the people, and govern in a manner that protects liberty and virtue. In the same spirit, we pray for public servants across our state and local governments. May they all heed your mandate in Romans 13:4 to be in positions of authority as "God's servant" and for the "good" of the public. They govern in what we confess are difficult times. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, the civic unrest, the hostile political climate, and the opposition of international opponents such as China, they are much in need of your incalculable wisdom. May they plead with you to give it to them, and may your grace respond in kind.

Protect we, the People, from this virus, and help quicken our social, physical, emotional, and economic recovery.



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