Friday Five: Override the Veto, Crazy Charlotte Abortion Doctor, and more

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1. NC VALUES: Urgent: Tell your State Rep to Oppose Infanticide in NC by Overriding Cooper's Veto

We urgently need you to contact your state Representative and Senator and encourage them to OVERRIDE Governor Cooper's Veto of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. SB359 is a common-sense legislation introduced by Sen. Krawiec, Hise & Harrington, and Rep. McElraft, Conrad, Stevens & Hurley, that is all about preventing infanticide.



2. NC VALUES: Charlotte abortion doctor: "You rape them and bring them here"

On Saturday in Charlotte, an infamous racist abortion doctor named Ron Virmani was caught on camera yelling to a group of pro lifers as he pulled his BMW into work: "You rape them and bring them here! You rape them and bring them here!"


3. WRAL: 9th District early voting underway

Early voting starts Wednesday in the 9th Congressional District's Republican primary.


4. LIFE NEWS: Democrat Will Vote to Override North Carolina Governor’s Veto of Bill to Stop Infanticide

"A black Democratic lawmaker from North Carolina said he will vote to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill to protect newborn babies from infanticide.

State Rep. Garland Pierce was one of five Democrats who joined Republicans in voting for the state Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, the Laurinburg Exchange reports."

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5. HERITAGE: Sexual Identity Laws: A Modern Trojan Horse

"State and local sexual orientation gender identity policies are a Trojan horse. They claim to promote equality but have been used to allow males into women's sports and spaces, attack businesses and charities, and politicize medicine."




LORD, we pray over the affairs of our country. You instructed us to pray for our elected officials, and so we raise our hands before you in public petition. We pray for all our public officials, and in particular we pray for the current special elections.

Grant them all humility, wisdom, and guidance.



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