Friday Five: Planned Parenthood is mad.


1. LifeSiteNews: New Method to 'Reserve' Abortions Causes Outrage at Planned Parenthood

A new medical study involving 700 patients is due to come out this fall from The new method to reverse a chemical abortion is outraging leaders at Planned Parenthood. Dr. George Delgado says, "If people start to recognize that women do change their mind sometimes after starting the process of a chemical abortion, well then, that casts into doubt whether or not abortion is truly a good thing, because if it were such a universally good thing, why would women change their minds and try to reverse it?” Over 300 babies have been saved from abortion through the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol first created by a North Carolina physician, including twins born in Concord, NC this week after seeking medical treatments at the Cabarrus Women's Center.

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2. American Lens: NC Makes the Top Ten List of "Ghost Voters"

"Ghost Voters: North Carolina has 22 counties in which there are more registered voters than there are eligible voters living in them. Just how many ghost voters are there in the state? 189,721. Yet, the NC Board of Elections has reported that they only found 508 ineligible votes cast in the 2016 election" 

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National Review: Iceland Eliminates People with Down Syndrome

"CBS News reported earlier this week that Iceland is leading the world in “eradicating Down syndrome births.” One might be forgiven for assuming that Iceland has developed an innovative treatment for the chromosomal disorder. It turns out Iceland’s solution is much simpler, and much more sinister: using prenatal testing and abortion to systematically exterminate children with Down syndrome. This isn’t progress; it’s eugenics."

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4. Official Report: Record Visitor Spending in 97 of North Carolina's 100 Counties in 2016 Proves HB2 Did Not Cause Economic Doom

Remember when opponents of HB2 said that common-sense bathroom privacy protections were destroying NC's economy and tourism

Seems reality is painting a different picture, according to the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina:

- In 2016, NC visitor spending INCREASED in 97 out of 100 counties.
- In 2016, NC was the 6th most visited state (over 48 million visitors).
- in 2016, NC's visitors spent a record nearly $23 billion (4.4% higher than the year before). 

The truth about the misleading headlines and fake news on HB2's alleged "harmful effects" can no longer be ignored. On many occasions our coalition was mocked and ridiculed by the media and liberal politicians when we assured you that entertainment & state boycotts, media hype and travel bans would have little-to-no impact our the vibrant North Carolina economy. Today the numbers stand for themselves and the state media and LGBT activists cannot deny it. The evidence is now clear that the rhetoric by the Human Rights Campaign was nothing more than a fear-based economic intimidation campaign targeted toward the business and tourism communities to convince them to abandon privacy protections for our kids in schools and government buildings.


5. Public Discourse: The Human Rights Campaign rewards Walmart for having the same bathroom policy as North Carolina

"Degendering bathrooms was inarguably the biggest LGBT beachhead last year, taking up every last bit of oxygen in the room. Walmart held fast to a traditional and “discriminatory” bathroom policy, the very same as that which prompted HRC to condemn the state of North Carolina in the strongest terms. North Carolina passed HB2, a bill that simply codified a longstanding state policy that no one in state-owned buildings may use the restroom or locker room of the opposite biological sex. (North Carolina allows individuals to officially change the biological sex noted on their birth record to reflect sex reassignment surgery, and it allows for accommodations, in the form of single-occupancy facilities, for those who are uncomfortable using a bathroom or locker room for their biological sex.)"


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