Friday Five: Supreme Court blocks NC election, General Assembly opens session, and more

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1. Supreme Court temporarily blocks new NC political maps, elections.

"The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily blocked a lower court ruling ordering North Carolina legislators to redraw state legislative districts by March 15 and hold special elections within the altered districts this fall." (Read more)


2. NC Values submits amicus brief for Supreme Court transgender bathroom case.

"We are determined to represent your voice at the highest levels of government. This week we've completed an Amicus brief for the transgender bathroom case that we're excited to deliver to the Supreme Court. In it, we argue in favor of entrusting major and sensitive educational questions to state and local governments, and in favor of constitutional separation of powers which the Department of Education violated." (Read here)


3. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick fires back at critics of "bathroom bill".

"Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick continued to fire back Wednesday at criticism of the so-called 'bathroom bill' he has championed, saying its opponents are concentrated in the media and denying that Texas could experience the same economic — and political — fallout North Carolina did when it passed similar legislation.

'Every report of North Carolina shows that they have the second-strongest economy in the country or the second-best place to do business, the second best-place where executives want to move their companies to,' Patrick said in an interview with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith. 'It's having no effect.'" (Read more)


4. ACC likely to move championship from Charlotte again if HB2 remains.

"Swofford gave no timetable Sunday for a decision on whether to relocate the 2017 game but he did say the conference will not wait as long as it did last year to move the game."

The relocation to Orlando in 2016 led to an ACC Championship record for lowest attendance. (Read more)


5. ACTION: Tell Republicans who voted to repeal HB2 not to play politics with privacy.

On Wednesday, January 11th, the General Assembly opened its new session. At the close of the last session—when most of us were busy vacationing and resting—the NC Senate attempted to repeal legislation that protects the conscience and privacy rights of children, women, businesses, and churches. Our children shouldn't be the pawns of political correctness in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Let's encourage those Senators who voted for repeal not to start this session the way they closed the last.

Click to easily email, call, and tweet these Representatives, and tell them not to play politics with our privacy.

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