Friday Five: Yesterday was incredibly special.


Yesterday was incredibly special. If you were able to join us, I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.

For those in attendance, I was the young dude with the handlebar mustache and hipster glasses buzzing around taking pictures. Normally, the task of getting the right shots consumes your attention. But there were several times during the many excellent speeches, that I couldn't help but get caught up in the moment.

It was obvious, from the speaker's tones, expressions, and words, that our state's leaders really believe in the work they are doing. The work isn't easy. I know that first hand. As a millennial, I've had activists post my and my family's private information online with threats because I'm working to protect life, religious liberty, and the family.

But I wouldn't change any of it. The work is beyond worth it, and I consider it a privilege to serve alongside people like Tami and our state's leaders. 

For those who were not in attendance, I wanted to share some of what made yesterday so exciting. In this rendition of the Friday Five, I've gathered 5 of the event's highlights below.

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1. PHOTOS: Carolina Values Summit Prayer Breakfast.

We had a fantastic group of leaders, supporters, and prayer warriors. Here are some of the photos: 


2. PHOTOS: Franklin Graham's Decision America Rally.

We helped Franklin Graham end his 50 state Decision America tour strong. He reported over 21,000 of us joined him on the capitol's lawn.



3. NC Values Coalition recognizes various state leaders for their work protecting life, religious liberty, and family.

A number of our state's leaders were recognized this week for their tireless work defending life, religious liberty, and the family. The awards and recipients included:

  • Faith & Family Award
    • Pat McCrory, Governor State of North Carolina
  • Religious Freedom Award
    • Dan Forest, Lieutenant Governor State of North Carolina
  • Champion for Life Award
    • Representative Paul “Skip” Stam, House Speaker Pro Tempore North Carolina House of Representatives
  • Courage Under Fire Award
    • Representative Dan Bishop, North Carolina House of Representatives
  • Freedom & Values Award
    • Senator Buck Newton, North Carolina Senate


4. QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Our faith informs us in every aspect of life, and so, it must inform us in how we interact with government and the political process. We cannot just turn faith off when we enter the political realm. It is what motivates and informs our political views." (Tami Fitzgerald)



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