The US Supreme Court dealt a devastating blow

Earlier yesterday we shared with you the unfortunate news that on Friday Governor Cooper decided to veto the Human Life Nondiscrimination Act (HB453). He even opted to do so late on Friday in the hopes that he could avoid criticism.

Thankfully, the North Carolina General Assembly is wasting no time in their response. This Wednesday, the NC House will be voting to OVERRIDE Governor Cooper's veto of our pro-life bill. 

No one deserves to be discriminated against because of his or her race or disability. This is especially true of unborn children who are being marked for death just because someone has determined that they are the wrong race or have the potential or confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Would you help us take advantage of this opportunity to protect our precious preborn babies by clicking here and encouraging your NC General Assembly members to vote to OVERRIDE Governor Cooper's veto?



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