NC VALUES: Governor Cooper vetoed babies.

June 25th, 2021
Julie Scott Emmons
North Carolina Values Coalition
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NC VALUES: Governor Cooper vetoed babies.
(North Carolina Values Coalition's response to Governor Roy Cooper's last minute veto of HB453,  the Human Life Nondiscrimination Act)

“It is unfortunate that Governor Cooper missed this opportunity to protect our precious preborn babies who have Down syndrome. Every single person--regardless of how many chromosomes they have—has inherent dignity, worth, and unlimited potential. North Carolina should be a state where differences are celebrated and all babies are welcome. We encourage members of the North Carolina General Assembly to embrace Life and ensure that this legislation becomes law.”
— Julie Scott Emmons, Vice President, NC Values Coalition

"Saving unborn babies who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome from being targeted for selective abortion based solely on their disability prevents discrimination.  Ending that kind of discrimination based on a disability is most certainly not an “unprecedented government intrusion” as Cooper said, because our Civil Rights laws were intentioned to end just that kind of discrimination.  The Governor should mind his own ‘unprecedented government intrusions’ in the past year."
— Tami Fitzgerald, President, NC Values Coalition

RALEIGH, NC: Every child should have the chance to live a full, happy life, including persons with Down syndrome. All babies--born and unborn--should be protected from the tragic practice of eugenic abortion.

It is estimated that 70% of all babies with a prenatal diagnosis are aborted, many of whom are the victims of prenatal screening tests that have high false positive rates. Federal laws, such as the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act specifically protect individuals from discrimination based on race or disability. HB453 simply enshrines this protection for people who have yet to be born.


  • 6 states have laws prohibiting abortions motivated by the race of the child (AZ, IN, KY, MS, MO, and TN).
  • 14 states, including North Carolina, have laws prohibiting sex-selective abortions (AZ, AR, IL, IN, KS, KY, MS, MO, NC, ND, OK, PA, SD, and TN).
  • 9 states have prohibited abortions motivated by a child’s disability (AR, IN, KY, LA, MS, MO, ND, OH, and TN).
  • The population of people with Down syndrome in the U.S. is estimated to be over 400,000.
  • The 1964 Civil Rights Act and the laws of North Carolina protect against discrimination on the basis of race and disability.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act and numerous state laws prohibit discrimination against individuals on the basis of a “real or perceived physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities”. The ADA also states that it is illegal to “violently harm” a person because of a variety of protected traits, including Down syndrome.
  • The Human Life Non-Discrimination Act enshrines this protection for people who have yet to be born.

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