Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Repeal Compromise Bill

NC Values Coalition Statement on Democrat-Sponsored Bills to Reintroduce HB2 Debate 


"Today’s announcement of a slew of bills that will threaten our most basic rights as Americans—the right to free speech, the right to practice our religious beliefs without fear of government interference or retribution, the right as parents to oversee the upbringing of our own children—shows just how extreme these legislators and their leftist advocacy groups are.

Their ultimate goal is to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them on marriage being between one man and one woman, keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers, and allowing counselors and patients the freedom to determine the kind of psychotherapy they want.

HB142 was a compromise to put these types of divisive issues behind us as North Carolinians. This proposed legislation represents a broken promise that moves us backwards, not forwards. It puts North Carolina right back in the middle of a divisive, destructive debate that is intolerant, hateful and unnecessary. "

- Tami Fitzgerald, NC Values Coalition Executive Director




Background Information: 

HB514 - Seeks to add special protections and rights in the area of housing, employment, public accommodations, credit, insurance and education.

HB515 - Seeks to immediately repeal the HB142 compromise on public accomodations, minimum wage and multi-stall public bathrooms.  

HB516 - Seeks to outlaw state-licensed counselors, social workers and psychiatrists from pursuing Biblical counseling models concerning sexual orientation.

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