👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Urgent! We need your help right now to protect babies born exposed to drugs

At the NC Values Coalition, we're always looking for ways to fight for families. One of the issues that's always very close to our hearts are protecting the rights of parents of adopted and fostered children, and protecting babies born exposed to drugs. 

We've been hard at work advocating for House Bill 918, which is a bill which expedites permanency for babies born exposed to drugs, and we need your help! 

The child-centered bill deals with amending the child welfare statutes on abuse and neglect and speeding up permanency for babies who are born to addicted mothers. We have an opioid crisis in our state, and more and more babies are being born addicted to opioids, cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs because their mothers abuse substances while they are pregnant. The NC Values Coalition believes that babies who are exposed repeatedly to drugs and alcohol while in utero are being abused by their mothers.

One of the criticisms we pro-lifers frequently get is that we only care about babies when they are still in utero-that we don't care about them once they are born. This bill is evidence that the pro-life community cares about children WHILE  they are yet unborn and AFTER they are born as well.

Would you consider using this tool to contact Governor Cooper, and ask him to sign HB 918 TODAY?