Here’s The Speech Jeff Sessions Delivered To Christian First Amendment Lawyers

Attorney General Sessions has proven himself to be a strong ally to those concerned with religious liberties and First Amendment issues. Over the last decade, the radical left has escalated their war against public expressions of faith, school prayer, and even free speech that simply opposes their ideas. As Sessions states in his remarks, faith inspired many individuals in our history to take action for the greater good. Our Founding Fathers and Martin Luther King were inspired by their faith to do great things.

Sessions has made a commitment to uphold our religious liberties and the First Amendment. You can read his speech given to the Alliance for Defending Freedom below.

Read Attorney General Jeff Sessions' speech below:

Thank you for that introduction. And thank you for the important work that you do every day to uphold and protect the right to religious liberty in this country. This is especially needed today.

While your clients vary from pastors to nuns to geologists, all of us benefit from your good work—because religious liberty and respect for religion have strengthened this country from the beginning. In fact, it was largely in order to enjoy and protect these rights that this country was settled and founded in the first place, as those in this room especially know.

Our concepts of religious freedom came to us through the development of the Western heritage of faith and reason. In America, Madison and Jefferson advanced those concepts. Their victory was to declare religious freedom to be a matter of conscience inherent in each individual, not as a matter of toleration granted from the top. I propose that in America our understanding of religious freedom can only be understood within that heritage.

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