NC Values Coalition

Founded in 2011, the N.C. Values Coalition is a non-partisan, statewide grassroots network of North Carolinians who support and advocate for pro-family positions. The North Carolina Values Coalition is a non-profit education and lobbying organization that qualifies for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is based in Raleigh, NC.

Our Mission: Fighting for Family Values
The North Carolina Values Coalition seeks to lead the charge to preserve and promote faith, family, and freedom in North Carolina and create a favorable political climate for these core values.

Our Vision
Taking the initiative to preserve and promote families — the basic building block of society in North Carolina — on an economic, social and values level.

Our Values

  • Pro-Marriage: we are committed to protecting the recognition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman in our State Constitution.
  • Prayer: we are committed to protecting the right of every citizen to pray freely according to the dictates of his own conscience, even in a public forum or government meeting.
  • Pro-Life: we are committed to protecting the most innocent among us: the unborn.
  • Pro-Religious Liberty: we believe in freedom of religion and that people of faith should not have to check their faith at the door when they enter the public square. We also believe that private business owners have the right to refuse service to customers on the basis of their religious faith.
  • Pro-Parental Choice: we support parents’ right to play a role in directing their children’s education, including choices such as charter schools, home schooling and private schools.

Our Strategy

  • Equip voters to elect to public office those who affirm faith, family and freedom legislation
  • Hold elected officials accountable for anti-faith, anti-family, & anti-freedom votes
  • Educating, informing, and influencing NC citizens, politicians and policymakers
  • Engage pastors, churches and people of faith
  • Coalition building and networking with other like-minded organizations to accomplish common goals and optimize resources
  • Organize and equip grassroots advocacy