Tell Your Senators to vote NO on HR1.

On the heels of the Equality Act, a 1.9 Trillion Dollar COVID Spending Bill, and an Impeachment Trial, it is hard to believe we are just several weeks into President Biden’s term and yet another radical bill will be considered in Congress.

This time Nancy Pelosi and her far-left allies are scheduled to vote on a bill to federalize future elections. HR 1 is ironically called, the “For the People Act,” but a better name would be the “Sleight of Hand Election Act.” While most voters are focused on getting back to normal after the COVID shutdowns, Biden, Pelosi, & Schumer are using their power to rig future election rules in their favor.

The end goal of this ‘voting reform act’ is clear—to embed dubious electoral practices into our election laws to encourage behaviors, such as ballot harvesting, false voter registrations, duplicate voting, and ineligible voting. This bill will be devastating to States’ rights and the conservative voter.

The U.S. Constitution leaves election laws up to the states, and HR1 is a massive federal takeover of state elections laws. It’s unconstitutional, as well as a big power grab by Democrats in Congress.

HR1 has passed the House and is now headed to the Senate. Could you take a minute to use this click-to-contact tool to encourage your Senators to vote NO on HR1?

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