It's important to stand with them

In a couple days, we will be getting together for the Carolina Values Summit Prayer Breakfast and Franklin Graham's Decision America rally to send a definitive message to our state's leaders about how firmly we stand beside them in support of the privacy rights of women and children. Governor McCrory, Lt. Governor Dan Forest, and other leaders will be with us that day, so you can thank them in person.

It is no exaggeration to say they have experienced an onslaught of attacks on all sides. As Governor McCrory said last week, there is a reason the NBA chose to play in Houston a couple months ago, but made a massive political fuss about relocating the championships from Charlotte. Radical activists are coordinating attacks from bullying big businesses, sports organizations, and media outlets to slander our state and change our political culture.

Last Friday, Governor McCrory told the press that the Human Rights Campaign confessed their political intentions to him during a meeting. The leader of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffen, met with Governor McCrory in his office and threatened to make North Carolina ground zero in the fight to impose transgender bathrooms on the nation, which then allows grown men into bathrooms with young girls. They told him if NC fell, the rest of the nation would too. They know if they can win in North Carolina, they can win anywhere. They know if they can defeat McCrory's re-election bid, religious freedom bills like HB2 won't be taken up by any other state.

What happens here will alter the national landscape. As Maggie Gallagher noted, it will fundamentally impact religious liberty protections. This is why they are all in. I'm not exaggerating. I really wish I was. I wish I didn't have to say this so strongly. But we have been a target of radical activists because they want to fundamentally change the narrative on religious liberty, and culture at large.

We've already seen the lengths they will go to. This year, in Massachusetts, churches who have events open to the public (as an example the policy names church "spaghetti suppers"), are mandated to adhere to the state's transgender accommodations. This means using preferred pronouns, and accommodating to their bathroom preferences. By force of law, a Massachusetts church hosting a public spaghetti dinner is forced to accommodate bathrooms to those that correspond with a person's professed gender identity. Imagine what this would do to the privacy rights of the women and children of your church.

These are the types of threats we have warned people about over the years, only to be dismissed and laughed at. But it's happening now. And it will only get worse. It's one of the reasons Massachusetts is one of Roy Cooper's top three out-of-state donation sources, and why radical activists want to defeat any supporter of religious liberty protections.

Worse still, the things they dismiss and laugh at today will be the things they try to normalize tomorrow. But that is if we don't stop them here and now.

If they can scare away or defeat supporters of HB2, they will replicate it in states all across the country, and religious liberty will significantly suffer. On October 13th, we have the opportunity to tell our state leaders we are absolutely grateful for their courageous stand.

They need all the encouragement and support we can muster. They are looking to us to help them get to the visible finish line. At 8am this Thursday, we will be meeting for the Carolina Values Summit Prayer Breakfast. We will hear from and pray with state leaders such as Governor McCrory, Lt. Governor Forest, Senator Newton, the Benham Brothers, and others. 

We need you to get your tickets and join us this week. We need you to go up to your leaders and show them how grateful you have been. We need you to bring your friends, family, and church members. We need you to represent voices from all over the state. And afterwards, we need you to walk with us across the Capital lawn to join Franklin Graham for his Decision America rally.

We need the capital's legislators and leaders to hear our voices from the capitol's lawn. Will you prayerfully consider joining us?


Tami Fitzgerald

PS: Can't make it to the event? You can still support us by making a $5, $10, or $25 donation towards our work defending life, religious liberty, and family. 

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