Last year we reported on CMS's usage of the gender unicorn to teach teachers and possibly students about the different types of "genders." Now, teachers in Charlotte were given a curriculum recommending they show a child's book to 1st graders about the story of a boy wearing girls clothes. When General Assembly members learned about it, CMS attempted to step back from the usage of Jacob's New Dress.

To use National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month as a cover to advance a political agenda to a captive audience of our public school children is a new low. These are incredibly private and sensitive topics that parents should be responsible for, not our public schools. The 1st grade classroom is not a place to force topics of transgenderism on children. 

The last time we contacted CMS about concern over the gender unicorn, a public data request revealed they openly bragged in emails to one another about deleting your messages. We need to make sure that they know this is not a joke. Will you take a minute to email and call them, as well as consider making a donation to help us spread the word and put a stop to this privacy-invading political correctness? 

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