Jim O'Neill
for Attorney General

For Attorney General, NC Values Coalition announces our endorsement of Jim O'Neill:

Jim O'Neill for Attorney General

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While the State Attorney General is known as the “People’s Lawyer”, Stein appears to be pursuing a political agenda of his own. Joining lawsuits that seek to change existing law resembles an attempt to act as legislator, instead of fulfilling his official duties as the state’s head lawyer. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Stein has prioritized his personal liberal agenda. That is why the North Carolina Values Coalition whole-heartedly endorses Jim O’Neill for Attorney General. As the District Attorney in Winston-Salem, he has proven that he is not pushing an agenda but enforcing the laws passed by the people of North Carolina. He will not abuse his office, as Stein has done, to push abortion on demand and other radical leftist agendas. Jim is running to unseat the current North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein. The people of North Carolina would gain a solidly conservative and law-and-order Attorney General by electing Jim O’Neill.

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