Let's not be like some of our northern neighbors

As of 12:00pm today, January 30th, the General Assembly will be gaveled into session. Although lawmakers held a formal opening ceremony three weeks ago, today the real work begins. 

Without one party having a veto-proof majority, closer attention will be paid to the type of bills both parties file. Even when the chances are slim that a particular bill will pass, bills that are filed identify the priorities of the legislators who file them. If you want to know where a particular political party will take our State, look at the bills its members file. Are they bills that will protect life or advance abortion? Are they bills that will advance religious freedom or lead to anti-Christian bigotry? Are they bills that will advance family values or attack and destroy the family?

As a coalition that values life, family, and religious liberty, we all have good reason to pay close attention to our General Assembly members during this long session and the bills they file and promote. 

In particular, there appears to be a trend across our country where state legislators are proposing horrifying legislation that makes late-term abortion legal even up to the moment of delivery. While Gov. Cuomo and New York made headlines last week for passing legislation that did just that, it appears this could be an emerging trend.

Just this week, our Virginia House Democrat neighbors to the north proposed legislation to allow abortions up to seconds before a healthy baby is born. Check out this unbelievable exchange between two legislators:

"Todd Gilbert (R): Where it’s obvious a woman is about to give birth...would that be a point at which she could still request an abortion?

Kathy Tran (D): My bill would allow that, yes"

Pro-abortionists seem to be worried that the culture is turning against them. They seem to have an urgency to pass as many radical state-level pro-abortion laws as possible in case Roe v. Wade gets overturned.

We will be following the General Assembly closely with a daily presence in its hallways to make sure North Carolina's legislators promote a pro-family agenda. We will strongly oppose any attempt to pass a bill like New York’s and like the one introduced in Virginia that makes abortion legal for any reason up to the day of birth! 

In addition, throughout the session, we'll be advocating for legislation that:

  • Protects children in the womb.
  • Protects the best interests of children placed in foster care because of our state’s opioid crisis.
  • Protects a parent's right to know what their kids are taught about sex in school.

If you support our work defending and advancing these values, we could really use your help! January is always one of our slowest fundraising months of the year. We rely heavily on your individual donations to fund our campaigns advancing a pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty agenda. 

Can you pitch in a needed end-of-month donation to help us out?


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