LGBT groups, critical of NC Gov. Cooper, press him to adopt further protections

In a June 30th letter to Governor Roy Cooper, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC criticized Governor Cooper for signing HB 142 this spring that repealed HB2 and enacted new restrictions on cities and counties prohibiting them from regulating private employment, public accommodations, and multi-facility bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, the net effect of which is to treat LGBT individuals like everyone else instead of giving them special advantages. The LGBT groups also pressed Governor Cooper to enact new laws that would give them extensive new powers to sue private businesses, employers, and access bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their "fluid" feelings, not their biological sex.

Governor Cooper's spokesperson responded: "Gov. Cooper is continuing to work with stakeholders to expand protections for LGBT North Carolinians through an executive order. His preference is a statewide non-discrimination law, but unfortunately that's not an idea this legislature is willing to take up."

NC Values Coalition Executive Director, Tami Fitzgerald said, "It is clear the Governor Cooper is willing to advance the LGBT agenda at the expense of private business owners, the majority of citizens in the State, and the well-being of children. If the General Assembly weren't controlled by leaders with common sense, Governor Cooper would carry the water for these LGBT extremists, putting the rest of the State at risk of frivolous lawsuits, loss of revenue, and violation of privacy and safety. He and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts are cut from the same rainbow cloth."


Red more from The Charlotte Observer:

Gay rights groups continued to voice their frustration with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper in a letter to the governor that asks him to take administrative steps to ensure protections for the LGBT community.

The national Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina made the requests in a June 30 letter to the governor.

They also said they remain “deeply disappointed” in the passage of House Bill 142, which repealed HB2 – the bathroom bill – but restricted state and local governments from adopting LGBT protections.

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