👣The Human Life Non-Discrimination Act

The Human Life Non-Discrimination Act (HB453) prohibits abortions based on race and/or the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. “All babies−born and unborn− have intrinsic dignity and worth and should be protected from the practice of eugenic abortion in North Carolina,” according to Primary Bill Sponsor, Representative Pat McElraft.

In doctors’ offices across the state, parents are relying on noninvasive prenatal screening tests that can provide inaccurate results more than 50 percent of the time during the first trimester. According to a recent New England Journal of Medicine study, “A mother’s DNA can alter test results, leading parents — and even their doctors — to believe their babies have major disorders when they are, in fact, healthy. Women facing a positive result from a screen that promises “accurate results, the first time” could have up to a 60 percent chance of a healthy baby.

No one deserves to be discriminated against because of his or her race or disability. This is especially true of unborn children who are being marked for death just because someone has determined that they are the wrong race or have the potential or confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Would you help us take advantage of this opportunity to protect our precious preborn babies by clicking here and encouraging your NC General Assembly members to vote to OVERRIDE Governor Cooper's veto?


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