Meet Reaghan

(Welcome to the NC Values team, Reaghan!)


I have some exciting news to share with you this afternoon.

We're excited to announce that Reaghan Boerman has just joined our organization as the Director of Legal and Strategic Initiatives. Reaghan will serve as staff attorney for the organization, spearhead strategic initiatives that will advance the mission and vision, and engage in development.

Given the evolving political climate, we're convinced that the battle to defend our values is moving into the legal arena. Government schools have encroached upon the sovereignty parents have over the education and discipleship of their own children. The decay of public education, and the politicization of the publicly-funded teaching institution require legal action, as well as political strategy. With the passage of SOGI laws across our State, religious freedom can only be protected by taking legal action. And now that the Supreme Court is poised to reconsider whether abortion should be legal, we are engaging more and more legislation and legal strategies in support of life. We believe Reaghan is uniquely qualified to help us address our evolving legal and political climate in North Carolina.

Last year, we were blessed to have Reaghan intern for us, and during that period we really got to see how remarkable she is. 

As we approach NC Values Coalition's 10 year anniversary  with our upcoming Celebration of Carolina Values Event on September 30th, in the next couple weeks you will be hearing more about what we envision our strategic direction to look like over the next 10 years in public policy. Until then, we wanted you to meet Reaghan. Feel free to check out her biography below, to learn more:

Reaghan graduated from Liberty University School of Law in May, and interned with us throughout  her final year of law school. Reaghan and her husband Elliot live right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

During college, Reaghan interned with the Heritage Foundation and the North Carolina General Assembly, where she was able to have a front row seat to the policy-making process. During law school, Reaghan interned for the Civitas Institute (now the John Locke Foundation) as well as our organization. While interning for NC Values, she lobbied on behalf of House Bill 918, which helped protect drug-exposed babies by placing them into a stable home within 2 years.  

Ultimately, Reaghan derives her political worldview from her faith. She is passionate about protecting religious freedom and free speech within businesses and schools and wants to advocate for laws that allow North Carolinians to live according to their faith. She also wants to be an advocate for North Carolina families, through both pro-life legislation and parental rights issues.

If you have appreciated our hard-fought effort to defend your values these past 10 years, would you consider making a needed donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more to our work defending them in the future?


In gratitude,

Tami Fitzgerald
Executive Director

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