Mom loses lawsuit against school that secretly gave her son ‘transgender’ treatment

A mother has lost her lawsuit against a Minnesota school system for secretly helping her son change genders. The school and government refused to give the mother her son's medical or educational records and information about his "transition", and even a life changing operation.

A district judge dismissed the case, after admitting to major flaws in the school's argument. Ultimately, this decision is a blatant disregard for parental rights. This is a minor child being used as a pawn for LGBTQ activist groups without the consent of their parent. This dangerous precedent cannot be tolerated. 

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Anmarie Calgaro of Iron Junction discovered all too late last November that her son's school was secretly giving him female hormone treatments with funding from the government. She sued the school district, the county health board, and a local health care entity for violating her rights as a parent.

But the school countered that the boy was “emancipated” from his mother because he had been living on his own, and was therefore legally able to make his own medical decisions.

The 15-year-old had previously moved in with his father — with the mother's permission — to go to a better school (Calgaro is divorced from her husband). The boy then moved in with friends before eventually living on his own. The school interpreted the boy living on his own as "emancipation" from parental influence, determining that the minor teen could make his own elective medical decisions.

Unbeknown to the mother, the boy had also filled out an emancipation form and filed it with the help of a homosexual advocacy group.

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