NATIONAL REVIEW: Teen Contraception Programs Are Counterproductive

A new study from Great Britain shows that government cuts to sex education programs resulted in reducing teen pregnancy and abortion rates by almost 40%. 

This is great news for pro-lifers who have argued that such programs only increase teen pregnancy and abortion rates. Why should North Carolina continue to fund teen pregnancy prevention programs when studies like this show they are ineffective or actually increase teen pregnancies?

From National Review:

The pro-life movement receives a significant amount of criticism from pundits and commentators for not being more supportive of contraception and sex-education programs. Most pro-lifers respond by saying that any gains in contraception use will likely be offset by increases in sexual activity. This will actually result in both more unintended pregnancies and more abortions. 

A strong body of empirical evidence bolsters these arguments. For instance, last week the Journal of Health Economics published a study by British academics David Paton and Liam Wright. It found that recent budget cuts in Great Britain’s sex-education program were correlated with statistically significant reductions in both the teen-pregnancy rate and the teen abortion rate. 

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