Statement on NC09 Ruling

Three-Judge Panel Orders State Board of Elections to Dissolve

The unanimous ruling just issued this evening by the bipartisan 3-judge District Court panel makes it clear that “the voters of the Ninth Congressional District are entitled to have their elected representative in place by the time Congress convenes or to know why they will not have their representative in place.” 

The Executive Director of the NC Values Coalition, Tami Fitzgerald said:  “We demand that Governor Cooper and the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement immediately comply with the Court’s order. The Board delayed its evidentiary hearing until January 11th to try to cobble together enough evidence to justify a new election. The truth is that there is not enough evidence to warrant holding a new election, and the Board’s delay is disenfranchising the voters of the Ninth Congressional District. Now, the Board must comply with the Court’s order and certify the election of Mark Harris to Congress by noon tomorrow or risk being held in contempt of Court.”

Ms. Fitzgerald added, “Chairman Joshua Malcolm has mishandled this election at every step of the process. He admitted that he knew about absentee ballot problems in Bladen County for some time. And, although he made the motion to certify Governor Cooper’s election despite these same problems in 2016, he has suddenly had a change of heart when it was not his own party that would benefit from his malfeasance. There are not enough ballots at issue in the Ninth District Congressional race to justify a new election, even though Chairman Malcolm is desperately searching for a reason to order one. However, it is clear that North Carolina has a problem with absentee ballots that needs to be cleared up before we hold another election.”

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