NC's "People's Lawyer" is pursuing a personal political agenda.

By Reaghan Waites | NC Values

Using the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a conduit to further a leftist political agenda, the Obama Administration redefined “sex” as an “internal sense of gender, which may be male, female, neither, or a combination of male and female.” That is exactly what Attorney General Josh Stein, along with 23 other states, hopes to maintain as they sue the Trump Administration for rolling back this Obama-era provision.

Rejecting the Obama-era redefinition of sex means returning to the recognition that sex is determined by biology. Stein and his colleagues argue that as a result, medical practitioners will deny medical care to people who identify as homosexual or transgender. However, federal and state laws already require doctors to provide medical care and lifesaving treatment and forbid them from denying emergency care for non-medical reasons. Therefore, redefining “sex” is unnecessary. It is a political ploy to garner votes and cast conservative opponents in a negative light.

According to Roger Severino, Director of the Office for Civil Rights at HHS, the suggestion that “doctors would deny life-saving care to people based on their identity is scaremongering and insulting to the medical profession”.

In the insurance context, private insurance companies should not be forced to pay for highly controversial elective procedures like surgery and hormone therapy. The other side of the coin is that transgender individuals will be better off receiving coverage from an entity that supports the medical ends they are pursuing. When healthcare providers retain discretion, everyone wins.

While the State Attorney General is known as the “People’s Lawyer”, Stein appears to be pursuing a political agenda of his own. Joining lawsuits that seek to change existing law resembles an attempt to act as legislator, instead of fulfilling his official duties as the state’s head lawyer. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Stein has prioritized his personal liberal agenda. 

Last summer, Stein joined a lawsuit against the Trump administration after the administration diverted taxpayer funds under Title X for “family planning” from going to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. After all, abortion is not family planning. As expected, Planned Parenthood was not happy with this decision. They led the charge to sue the Trump Administration, which the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ultimately denied.

Then in March of this year, Stein joined 21 other state attorney’s general in a letter to DHHS Secretary Azar and FDA Commissioner Hahn, asking them to loosen FDA restrictions on chemical abortions (RU486) by revoking its current protocol of requiring a physician to administer the drugs used for a medication abortion. This drug starves a developing baby of the progesterone needed during pregnancy. North Carolina has a statute that requires a physician to administer the drug in person, so Stein’s letter is in direct conflict with the law, which it is his job to defend. 

Stein and his colleagues cite the COVID-19 pandemic as their reason for scrapping the FDA’s ban on prescribing the RU486 via telehealth consultation. Essentially, he wants to allow “self-abortion” which endangers women’s health.  There are many risks associated with the drug, and careless administration adds to the already-existing tragedy of depriving a developing baby of their only life source. It can also mask symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy and has been associated with deadly infections. Around 5% of women who have medication abortions show up in emergency rooms with complications. Chemical abortion has 4 times the complications as surgical abortion during first trimester.

Ironically, Stein’s abortion on demand rhetoric ends up victimizing the women he claims to advocate for. It also leads to the inevitably heart wrenching reality of medically-induced abortions, which denies babies the opportunity to see the light of day. 

Fortunately for North Carolina, Stein faces a challenger in the upcoming 2020 election. Jim O’Neill, veteran prosecutor and Forsyth County District Attorney for over a decade, represents a stark difference from the political agenda of Stein and the Cooper Administration. O’Neill would never use the office of Attorney General to push a radical pro-abortion agenda like Stein.  Nor would he seek to overturn North Carolina laws limiting abortion by joining law suits to push a pro-abortion agenda like Stein has done.

As political offices are up for grabs in November, North Carolina residents have the privilege of utilizing the ballot box to further political change. Attorney General Stein’s suppression of religious freedom and promotion of abortion on demand do not represent the values of pro-life North Carolinians. As a member of the judicial branch, Stein should stay away from legislating and instead leave that to the people elected to serve in the House and Senate.

Jim O'Neill for Attorney General

That is why the North Carolina Values Coalition whole-heartedly endorses Jim O’Neill for Attorney General.  As the District Attorney in Winston-Salem, he has proven that he is not pushing an agenda, but enforcing the laws passed by the people of North Carolina.  He will not abuse his office, as Stein has done, to push abortion on demand and other radical leftist agendas.  The people of North Carolina would gain a solidly conservative and law-and-order Attorney General by electing Jim O’Neill.

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