NC Stands Firmly Behind HB2

Thank you for your calls, emails and petition signatures this week. We especially appreciate coalition members who joined us in person, and in prayer, during the special session held yesterday. NC Values Coalition delivered 19,845 of your emails to legislators along with your calls, tweets and Facebook messages to voice our continued support of North Carolina's privacy protection law.  

Last night the North Carolina Senate voted to keep the protections provided by our privacy law, HB2, in place. We celebrate the Christmas season and enter into a new year encouraged that our leaders did not sacrifice the privacy, safety, or freedom of young girls by forcing them to use the bathroom, shower, or change clothes with grown men just to satisfy the demands of greedy businesses, immoral sports organizations, or angry mobs. In North Carolina we believe fashion designers, bakers, florists, wedding chapels and all citizens, including your family, should have the freedom to live and work according to their beliefs.  

We are thankful for the members of the General Assembly who stood up for what is right, and represented the will of voters by stopping the move to cower and cave-in to the City of Charlotte and the Human Rights Campaign. With certainty we now know EqualityNC and Human Rights Campaign planned to immediately take Charlotte-like ordinances and Roy Cooper's bathroom plan to cities, towns and municipalities across our state in the new year.  

Our work is not done! With the upcoming court-ordered special legislative elections scheduled again next year, we must continue to remind our lawmakers in the new year that we cannot support leaders who would compromise our freedom and privacy. While we rest in gratitude, we now know the fight to maintain the privacy, safety, dignity, and freedom of North Carolinians will be as fierce in the upcoming 2017 legislative session. Over the holidays please consider sending a personal thank you email to the Senators who voted "NO" on the HB2 Repeal Amendment last night (see graphic above) and thank your conservative representatives in the House who stood firmly behind HB2 so when your lawmakers return in January they will recall your support for HB2. [Find My Legislator] 

The true joy of Christmas is in the everlasting love of Christ. We thank you for your support of the North Carolina Values Coalition and wish you a joyous Christmas and blessings in the coming New Year.

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