NC Values Coalition Pac

North Carolina Values Coalition PAC is a partner of the North Carolina Values Coalition, a super PAC amplifying the voices of North Carolinians who seek to stand against the abortion culture, to advance and protect religious freedom, and to nurture the family. When North Carolinians speak out in favor of defending life, religious freedom, and the family, two things happen:

  • First, leaders are elected to office who share those values, and
  • Second, these leaders are more likely to advance those values.

Find your nearest voting site, and watch our current GOTV ads below:

Really, Dan McCready?

Dan McCready claims "I've not taken any money from Nancy Pelosi." Really, Dan McCready? Pelosi spent $364,000 on McCready, and only 11% of his donations even come from his district. 🛑 Stop McCready and Pelosi from turning North Carolina into New California by voting early today for Mark Harris. Find your nearest polling site below.

Posted by North Carolina Values Coalition on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

We like Mark Harris

Why vote early today for Mark Harris for Congress? There's a lot to like about Mark. ✔️Mark is honest. ✔️Mark is trustworthy. ✔️Mark is committed to defending our values. ✔️Mark will protect our religious freedoms. ✔️Mark will put an end to late-term abortion. ✔️Mark supports traditional marriage. ✔️Mark promotes a conservative supreme court. 🗳 If you like what you're hearing, save time by VOTING EARLY today. Find your nearest voting site here:

Posted by North Carolina Values Coalition on Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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