NC Values Endorses Dan Bishop for the 9th District

There is one candidate for the District 9 congressional seat who is best qualified to serve the voters of the 9th District—Dan Bishop!

In this crowded Republican primary of 10 candidates, only 5 of those candidates actually live in the district. Dan Bishop was born and raised in the 9th District, and he has lived there for several decades. He understands the needs of the people in his district and is the right man to represent them in Congress.

In his life as a public servant, Dan Bishop has been highly regarded by his colleagues because of his brilliance, his sincerity, his hard work, his ability to get things done, and his humility. He’s an innovative leader who sees a problem and steps up to find a solution! His experience and intellect as a conservative lawmaker in the General Assembly and the Mecklenburg County Commission are heads and shoulders above the other candidates. He will bring all of that to Congress and will represent the 9th Congressional District in a way that will make his constituents proud!

Here are some examples of his strong and innovative leadership:

  • Dan has repeatedly sponsored pro-life bills to protect unborn babies and their mothers.  He values life and works hard to protect it. Governor Cooper has just vetoed the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act passed this week by the General Assembly, which ensures infants, born alive as the result of a failed abortion, are recognized as a person entitled to all the rights, protections, and privileges that any other child born in our State possesses. Dan Bishop, not only voted for the bill numerous times, but he also spoke up for these helpless infants, who are often the victims of infanticide, expressing his belief that abortion doctors should have a duty to provide medical treatment to preserve their life and health, because all babies have a right to live!
  • Just this year, he crafted the state’s Voter ID law and an innovative Small Business Healthcare Act that will reduce the cost of health insurance for small businesses. 
  • When the Charlotte City Council overstepped its authority and passed an ordinance requiring churches, businesses, and public facilities to violate norms of privacy, Dan Bishop led the effort to bring common sense back to our State by stopping the government from violating our religious freedoms, punishing people of faith, and forcing women to shower and use bathrooms with men.  He stood strongly for these protections even when the NCAA, Hollywood actors, and liberal businesses from New York and California bullied our state to give in to political correctness. Dan Bishop has proven that he will do what’s right, no matter the cost!
  • Dan is motivated and guided by a sincere faith in Jesus Christ that governs his actions in both his public and private life.  He “walks the walk,” while some candidates in this primary just “talk the talk.”

Dan Bishop was the first public official to endorse Mark Harris in his run for this seat, and he stood as a friend an ally to Mark Harris until he dropped out of this race.

Dan Bishop is the “real deal”—the leader voters in the 9th District have been craving—someone who makes good decisions, has integrity and character, and has the intellect and experience to get things done in Washington. Instead of forcing him into a runoff in September, voters in the 9th District should elect him in May. We endorse Dan Bishop for Congress with great enthusiasm!

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