NC Values Coalition Statement on NCAA’s Threat to Pull More Championship Games

“There is no justification for adding new categories creating special rights for sexual orientation and gender identity to existing laws, yet Gov. Roy Cooper, Democrat leaders and national and state sports organizations have launched an all-out effort to leverage collegiate sports to do just that, in addition to coercing our citizens to lose their privacy and safety in bathrooms.”

"The NCAA’s threats to pull games from North Carolina again is nothing short of extortion against the taxpayers and innocent fans who don’t want to see sports politicized. While the NCAA and the ACC preclude female and male athletes from competing on the same teams, they threaten to pull games from the state so they can force their fans and every other citizen in the state to compromise safety and privacy in order to embrace genderless locker rooms and showers and special privileges for LGBT individuals.  Simply put, The NCAA continues to segregate athletes’ teams by their genitalia, but they mandate nobody else may do the same."

"Per a new High-Point University poll, 80% of North Carolinians believe that the State, not cities, should set policy on issues affecting bathrooms and other public accommodations, and that is exactly what HB2 did. NC Values Coalition stands in support of HB2, because no sports game, business interest, or political gain is worth exposing one woman, boy or girl to safety risks or invasions of privacy in state-owned bathrooms, locker rooms, or showers."

- Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director, NC Values Coalition.

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