NC Values Voice: Live with Barronelle Stutzman

Join us for a special one-hour episode of the voice with Barronelle Stutzman tonight at 7:30 pm. If you remember, Barronelle is the grandmother who has found herself at the U.S. Supreme Court twice to lead the fight for religious liberty after the State of Washington questioned how she was running her floral business.

Tonight Tami Fitzgerald sits down with Barronelle, the sole owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, and her attorney Matt Sharp, Senior Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom during an NC Values Coalition statewide education tour. During this presentation at Trinity Baptist Church in Mooresville NC, Barronelle explains why she respectfully declined to use her creative skills to celebrate a same-sex ceremony. Although she acted consistently with her faith, the ACLU and Washington’s Attorney General have challenged her in the courts for nine years to say is guilty of unlawful discrimination. Listen in to see why Barronelle and her husband could lose her business, home, and life savings if they are not successful at the Supreme Court.  Afterward, Tami Fitzgerald explains why Barronelle's fight may be coming to a North Carolina city near you.  

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