NC Values Calls NCAA for Flagrant Foul and Double Dribble


Coalition Launches Double-Dribble

Campaign During NCAA Basketball Tournament


(Raleigh) NC Values Coalition today tipped off their Double-Dribble national campaign to send a message to the leaders of National Collegiate Athletic Association that citizens and sports fans across the state are tired of the association’s lobbying efforts to shape NC into their vision of political correctness, especially if it risks the innocence of one woman or child.

During all rounds of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, thousands of coalition members and friends will be engaged in a letter-writing and social media campaign to call foul on the NCAA for double-dribbling between proposed NCAA guidelines and public criticism of NC’s Privacy and Safety Accommodations and an intentional flagrant foul on the NCAA for continuing to reap tax-incentives and benefits off the taxpayers that they are economically extorting in the name of political correctness. Messages are sent by visiting

“The NCAA and its regional counterpart, the ACC, have engaged in what is essentially extortion against the State of North Carolina by demanding legislators repeal commonsense privacy and safety laws that keep men out of women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, or else they will pull sporting events from the state” according to Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of NC Values Coalition.

“They have delivered countless ultimatums & deadlines for legislators to repeal the people’s privacy law; negotiated in closed-door discussions with government leaders and staff and have sought economic hardship against their fans, stadium workers and surrounding entrepreneurs by instituting a state-wide boycott all while benefiting off the taxpayers that they are economically extorting. The NCAA & the ACC’s continual and substantial lobbying efforts to influence legislation is a serious violation of the organizations’ tax exempt status under the IRS code.”

The NC Values Coalition calls on NCAA & the ACC, multi-million dollar nonprofit organizations, to return the games to North Carolina and cease lobbying, extorting and causing economic harm to our State. The real Madness is the NCAA’s insistence that grown men be allowed in the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with young girls.

On Monday, Representative Mark Brody, along with the support of 13 other NC Representatives, filed the Athletic Associations Accountability Act, HB 328, to call on the State of North Carolina to request the Internal Revenue Service to review the nonprofit status of NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference as a result of their substantial lobbying and economic boycotts against HB2. The bill also requires more transparency from NC Universities’ representatives concerning votes and matters directly affecting their institution and the state of North Carolina. The bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.


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