URGENT: For several months, we have listened to the NCAA talk down to us. We have weathered their economic threats and boycotts. We have waited patiently as they sought to extort our state by giving legislators deadlines to repeal HB2. We have watched them relocate games to locations with the same nondiscrimination laws as NC. 

It's time that the NCAA hears from us. We are tired of organizations like the NCAA trying to shape our state into their vision of political correctness, especially if it risks the innocence of one woman or child. The NCAA is supposed to be a non-profit. It's inexcusable that the NCAA goes beyond their lobbying interests by continuing to benefit off the taxpayers that they are economically extorting. 

This isn't about the LGBT community. It's about protecting the privacy and safety of women and children in our state. Thus, we publicly request that the non-profit NCAA ceases slandering and extorting our state. We've heard enough from the NCAA. It's time they hear from you.

Will you use our click-to-contact tool below and let members of the NCAA's Senior Management Team, President's Cabinet, Office of the President, and Office of Inclusion know how you feel?


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