New Army Training Tells Female Soldiers To ‘Accept’ Naked Men In Their Showers

An Obama era rule that allows for Transgender men and women to serve in the military openly, and even pay for their surgeries to make their "transition", is causing some problems within the military. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, has postponed an Obama era policy to actively recruit transgender men and women, but it remains to be seen what the Pentagon will do to reform the mess President Obama has put the military in.

The United States armed forces is simply not a place to have this debate or engage on social experiments that could potentially risk our national security or harm servicemen and women. This has the potential to open a floodgate of sexual harassment issues that could easily be avoided.

Read more from The Federalist:

On June 30, hours before the policy took effect, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis postponed the opening of military enlistments to transgender people for an additional six months. The delay does not prevent currently serving soldiers from transitioning, however. It is intended to give the joint chiefs more time to review and mitigate the Obama-era rule’s impact on the “readiness and lethality of our [armed] forces.”

Late into President Obama’s last term, his military officials allowed transgender soldiers to serve openly, even funding gender-change surgeries with taxpayer dollars. Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter set a July 1 deadline for all four military branches to write policies for accepting openly transgender enlistments. Formerly, soldiers exhibiting gender dysphoria were automatically discharged.

While the Pentagon’s review takes place behind closed doors and the inevitable culture-war volleys spill into the public square, it is critical to understand the real-life implications of the policy shift. I recently received a copy of the new “Tier Three Transgender Training” materials—a PowerPoint and accompanying lesson plan excerpted below, with full documents at these links—that the Army is now using in mandatory training for all soldiers. The active-duty officer who sent the materials completed the training with 40 other soldiers last week instead of conducting their morning physical training as usual.

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