North Carolina Campus Free-Speech Act: First Goldwater-Based Law

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest deserves our praise for his national leadership in pushing through the legislature North Carolina's Restore Campus Free Speech Act, which just went into effect without signature from the Governor.  It is the first in the nation to restore and protect First Amendment free speech principles on college campuses, which have been whittled away by the political correctness of left leaning administrators and protesters.  NC Values Coalition is proud to have lobbied and fought for this new law.

Free speech and religious liberties are under attack on college campuses. Many speakers and student groups that hold opposing views to those on the left are being silenced on campus. It is good to see that Lt. Governor Dan Forest recognizes this and is leading the charge to protect our fundamental principle of free speech.

Read more from the National Review:

With Governor Roy Cooper (D) taking no action on the bill, the state of North Carolina has enacted the Restore Campus Free Speech Act, the first comprehensive campus free-speech legislation based on the Goldwater proposal. That proposal, which I co-authored along with Jim Manley and Jonathan Butcher of Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, was released on January 31 and is now under consideration in several states. It’s fitting that North Carolina should be the first state to enact a Goldwater-inspired law.

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has been the guiding force behind the Restore Campus Free Speech Act and deserves great credit for moving it through the legislature. I’m particularly grateful to Forest, with whom I’ve been working since shortly after I laid out “A Plan to Restore Free Speech on Campus” here at NRO in late 2015. Forest and his staff provided critical early encouragement and support for the approach that eventuated in the Goldwater model bill. With the passage of the first state law based on that model, Forest has established himself as a national leader on campus free speech.

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