Urgent: Ask Senators Burr & Tillis to Reject the "Equality Act"

In just days, the Congress of the United States will vote on the Equality Act, which poses one of the most severe threats to our First Amendment freedoms of speech, association, and religion to ever be considered in Washington.

It is urgent that you make it absolutely clear to your members of Congress that not only is this not “equality,” but it’s downright dangerous. Our nation was founded upon the bedrock principal that all of us are created equal. However, the Equality Act is a cheap counterfeit of our fundamental rights, and every lawmaker needs to know that you adamantly oppose this bill which will wreak havoc on our society and result in a complete cultural revolution.

The language found in the bill is so egregious it expressly prohibits exemptions on the grounds of conscience or religious beliefs. Christians charged with violating the Equality Act, will not be allowed to raise the defense that their religious beliefs prohibit the conduct or speech that is demanded of them.

The same Civil Rights laws that our nation rightly invoked to bring about the end of racial discrimination and usher in the desegregation of public schools is being perversely altered to impose the political ideology of gender and behavior related to sex. Those who disagree will face the full power of the federal government. The Act has the potential to impact anything funded by federal money – schools, employment, and even sports.

Will you contact Senators Burr & Tillis right now and ask them to reject the Equality Act?

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