PR: Outraged Parents Clearly Drive Republican Win in Virginia

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Outraged Parents Clearly Drive Republican Win in Virginia

November 3, 2021 – Raleigh, NC – “It doesn’t take a seasoned political analyst to see that the results from last night’s Virginia race were driven by parents, not political agendas per se,” said Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director, North Carolina Values Coalition (

Fitzgerald is referring to the state-wide elections last night in Virginia, a state Democrats had declared a ‘Blue State,’ where the Governor’s seat, Lt. Governor’s and Attorney General’s seats were all won by Republicans in a strong sweep with large winning margins. Two of the three seats were also won by minority candidates, a first in that State’s history.

Fitzgerald continued, “Last night’s win in our neighboring state is a testament, I believe, to the need for our elected officials to be responsive to parents and recognize that it is parents, and not government schools, that play the major role in educating their children. The issue,” Fitzgerald stated, “is whether parents are still entitled to educate their children according to their values, not Critical Race Theory or any other curriculum designed to indoctrinate children. Lt. Governor Robinson is right that some schools are feeding our children pornography, and this election shows that parents have reached the tipping point.”

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