Over 750,000 left unrepresented...

It has been 68 days since the November 8th election. Here are some of the events that have happened during these 1,632 hours since election day:

  • Mark Harris defeats Dan McCready by 905 votes—the closest race in the 9th district in over six decades. Harris was outspent 3-1 by McCready.
  • Dan McCready concedes.
  • No elections protests are filed.
  • The County Boards of Elections in the 9th district all certified Mark Harris as the winner.
  • Joshua Malcolm—Vice-Chair of the State Elections Board—asks the other Board members not to certify the results of the 9th congressional district in a session closed off from the public. Malcolm alleges voter fraud from a contractor named McCrae Dowless. Malcolm said during the meeting, "I’m very familiar with the unfortunate activities that have happened in my part of the state, and I am not going to turn a blind eye to what took place to the best of my understanding, which has been ongoing for a number of years, and which has been repeatedly referred to the United States attorney and the district attorneys to clean up. Those things have not taken place." 
  • Dan McCready withdraws concession.
  • North Carolina General Assembly passes Voter ID bill and overrides Gov. Cooper's veto.
  • Amid investigations, Democrat Andy Penry—the chairman of North Carolina's elections board—resigns for displaying anti-Trump political bias.
  • Amid investigations, the Bladen County Elections Board Vice-Chair—a Democrat named Jens Lutz—resigns. 
  • Amid investigations, the Bladen County Elections Director—a Democrat named Cynthia Shaw—takes an immediate 'early retirement.'
  • Democrat Joshua Malcolm—the vice-chairman of North Carolina's election board—is appointed as chairman.
  • NC Values demands  Governor Cooper call on Chairman Malcolm to resign after it comes to light that Malcolm was serving in leadership on the Robeson County Board of Elections, which was the epicenter of alleged fraud. While Malcolm was aware of the problem, he never fixed it during the many years he was in leadership.
  • WBTV identifies a local businessman and political action committee, funded by the North Carolina Democratic Party, as two additional coordinated efforts suspiciously targeting absentee ballots. 
  • NC Democrat Party denies knowledge of Bladen Co. Democrat-linked PAC employees who witnessed more than 100 absentee ballots and allegedly collected absentee ballots. 
  • NC GOP calls on elections board to immediately produce evidence or certify results in the 9th congressional district race. 
  • 9th district Libertarian opponent Jeff Scott comes out in support of Mark Harris. Scott questioned the state Board of Elections’ statutory authority to investigate results of the congressional race even though a formal protest wasn’t filed, and he accused Democrats of orchestrating a circus-like spectacle.
  • Mark Harris addresses voter fraud allegations and states at no time did he believe Dowless was doing anything illegal.
  • The NC State Board of Elections continues to delay promised hearings to report findings and/or certify the election. 
  • A three-judge panel sternly rebukes Chairman Joshua Malcon's mishandling of the election process and his failure to meet numerous promises. The bipartisan 3-judge District Court panel effectively orders the State Board of Elections to Dissolve.
  • Mark Harris files a petition in court seeking to declare him the victor in the 9th district given the lack of presented evidence.
  • WBTV reports that former State Elections Board Chairman Joshua Malcolm and former Bladen County Elections Board Chairman Jens Lutz had frequent contact leading up to the election, leading to speculation that Lutz and Malcolm colluded to keep Mark Harris from being seated in Congress.
  • Two State Senate Republicans send former NCSBE chairman Joshua Malcolm a letter seeking answers to questions regarding communication between the then-vice chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Elections and a Bladen County Democrat in the days leading up to and on election day in 2018.
  • NC Values Coalition uncovers over 300 absentee ballots in Mecklenburg County that were improperly witnessed and should not have been counted.  This would have added to Mark Harris’ lead.  Also uncovered is a NCSBE memo instructing county boards of elections to disregard state law requiring absentee by mail ballots to be witnessed in person, adding to the growing evidence of selective enforcement of elections laws by the NCSBE.
  • Congress convenes without a 9th congressional district representative.

Over the period this is what is happening:

  • The over 750,000 people in the 9th district—of which over 285,000 voters casted legitimate ballots—are being left un-represented in Congress.

In the words of the unanimous ruling issued by the bipartisan 3-judge District Court panel:

  • “the voters of the Ninth Congressional District are entitled to have their elected representative in place by the time Congress convenes or to know why they will not have their representative in place.” 

Political partisans have a public duty to ensure that elections are fair and accurate. They have failed us. They seem to suspiciously have a tendency of resigning, taking 'early retirements,' not meeting promised deadlines, and knowing of voting problems for years and doing nothing about them. They have dragged their feet and deprived the people of the 9th congressional district of federal representation, and this is an injustice in its own right.

We've been successful in keeping the State Board of Elections accountable. From calling on Chairman Malcolm to resign, to directly exposing voter irregularities in hundreds of Mecklenburg absentee ballots, the NC Values Coalition is committed to ensuring the citizens of the 9th district urgently get their representative in Washington D.C.

However this work takes financial resources, and we need your help funding them.

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