Parents Vote

We are sick of the sexualization of our children that takes place everyday in the classrooms across our nation. We will pull our kids out of public school on Monday, April 23rd in protest of graphic, gender-bending sex education. Sign to add your location to #SEXEDSITOUT movement.

What is Sex Ed Sit Out?

Sex Ed Sit Out is a grassroots movement fighting radical, graphic, tax-payer funded, gender-bending sex education. We educate parents about what’s really happening in sex ed and who is making the decisions for their children.

Who is Sex Ed Sit Out?

The Sit Out strategy is our way to make your voice heard. When the parents of our nation unite to exercise their rights, those in power will hear…

We will not accept pornographic material in sex ed.

We will not stand by and let activists skew education

We will not let our tax-dollars be spent this way.

We will not let our kids be helplessly sexualized in their classrooms.

Will You Add Your Voice to Countless Others Across the Nation?

Let education decision-makers and government leaders know you are here, you are aware of what’s happening, and you are fighting for the youth of this nation.

Join the #SEXEDSITOUT Movement

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