PR: NC Religious Freedom Group Files Supreme Court Brief in Defense of Targeted Christian Business Owner

March 8, 2022
Contact: Laura Macklem
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NC Religious Freedom Group Files Supreme Court Brief in Defense of Targeted Christian Business Owner
Institute for Faith and Family Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Lower Court Ruling

RALEIGH, NC: The Institute for Faith and Family filed a joint Amici Curiae brief with the Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty, petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a Tenth Circuit ruling which violates religious liberties. The case addresses a decision which forces a Christian web designer to violate her faith by creating same sex marriage websites, or face crippling penalties.

“Creative expression should not be threatened or punished because speech doesn’t align with state-approved theology,” said Institute for Faith and Family Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “Colorado's law is being used as a weapon to silence people’s Constitutionally protected freedoms.”

The petition addresses 303 Creative LLC vs. Aubrey Elenis, a case where a Colorado web designer, Lorie Smith, is being forced by Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) to create same sex wedding websites even though her deeply held religious beliefs preclude her from doing so. Smith serves LGBT clients without discrimination or hesitation, however said to use her creative talents to promote a same sex union is against her faith. Another Colorado artist, Jack Phillips was also targeted by activists using CADA when he declined to make a same sex wedding cakes. Interestingly, the law does allow secular artists to refuse message-based projects.

“We are asking the Court to hold up First Amendment rights of artists, and our foundational principle of religious liberty,” said Fitzgerald. “Silencing a select group of people because of their beliefs is a clear violation of the Constitution, and we urge the Court to consider overturning the Tenth Circuit Appeals Court’s decision.”

Institute for Faith and Family is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation established to preserve and promote faith, family, and freedom by working in various arenas of public policy to protect constitutional liberties, including the right to live and work according to conscience and faith.


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