PR: NC Values releases 2022 General Assembly Endorsements

September 15, 2022
Contact: Laura Macklem
[email protected]


NC Values Coalition announced today endorsements for the 2022 General Assembly races. NC Values Coalition evaluated candidates on legislative records and the iVoterGuide survey, along with other various factors. Each candidate has either been interviewed by NC Values, or is already known to the organization.

“The NC Values Coalition is proud to endorse this group of General Assembly candidates, who are paving the way for a veto-proof majority,” said Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. “Governor Cooper ignores the will of the people with his vetoes, and I’m looking forward to a principled group of legislators who can use a super-majority to support the values of their constituents.”

The following is a list of NC Values’ endorsed candidates for the General Assembly:

North Carolina Senate Candidates:

  • EC Sykes (SD18)
  • Bobby Hanig (SD3)
  • Buck Newton (SD04)
  • Mark Cavaliero (SD17)
  • Wesley Meredith (SD19)
  • Benton Sawrey (SD10)
  • Tim Moffitt (SD48)
  • Paul Newton (SD34)
  • Jim Burgin (SD12)
  • Amy Galey (SD25)
  • Carl Ford (SD33)
  • Steve Jarvis (SD30)
  • David Craven (SD29)
  • Dean Proctor (SD45)
  • Warren Daniel (SD46)
  • Kevin Corbin (SD50)
  • Mike Lee (SD07)
  • Lisa Barnes (SD11)
  • Danny Britt (SD24)
  • Ralph Hise (SD47)

North Carolina House Candidates:

  • Fred Von Canon (HD35 )
  • Bill Ward (HD5)
  • Jarrod Lowrey (HD47)
  • Walter Petty (HD54)
  • Brian Echevarria (HD73)
  • Ken Fontenot (HD24)
  • Neal Jackson (HD78)
  • Don Pomeroy (HD104)
  • Bill Brawley (HD103)
  • Jennifer Balkcom (HD117)
  • Brian Biggs (HD70)
  • Marilyn Avila (HD40)
  • Tim Reeder (HD09)
  • Jimmy Dixon (HD4)
  • George Cleveland (HD14)
  • Phillip Shepard (HD15)
  • Frank Iler (HD17)
  • Ted Davis (HD20)
  • Donna White (HD26)
  • Larry Strickland (HD28)
  • Erin Pare (HD37)
  • Diane Wheatley (HD43)
  • John Sauls (HD51)
  • Howard Penny (HD53)
  • John Faircloth (HD62)
  • Dennis Riddell (HD64)
  • Reece Pyrtle (HD65)
  • Dean Arp (HD69)
  • Jeff Zenger (HD74)
  • Sam Watford (HD80)
  • Larry Potts (HD81)
  • Kristin Baker (HD82)
  • Dudley Green (HD85)
  • Destin Hall (HD87)
  • Ray Pickett (HD93)
  • Jeffrey Elmore (HD94)
  • Grey Mills (HD95)
  • John Bradford (HD98)
  • Donnie Loftis (HD109)
  • Mark Pless (HD118)
  • Mike Clampitt (HD119)
  • Bill Brawley (HD103)
  • Jeffrey McNeely (HD84)



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