PRESS RELEASE: NC is the 30th State to File the Save Women’s Sports Act – HB358

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Raleigh-Today North Carolina became the 30th state to announce the filing of the Save Women’s Sports Act. As part of our recognition of National Women’s Month, House Bill 358, The Save Women’s Sports Act, was filed to ensure all female athletes can continue to compete on a fair playing field. The Save Women’s Sports Act became necessary when the North Carolina High School Athletic Association adopted a rule in 2019 allowing participation in sports on the basis of gender identity, thus allowing biological males to compete on girls’ sports teams.

“In North Carolina, girls deserve to again compete on a level playing field. Instances of males competing in women’s sports exemplify the immediate need to act before fair competition and women’s athletic opportunities are destroyed. The Save Women’s Sports Act is the solution which ensures that all female athletes will be assured a level playing field to compete and win” according to Representative Mark Brody, Primary Sponsor of HB358.

According to Beth Stelzer, the founder of Save Women’s Sports, “Regardless of how an athlete identifies, a recent Duke University study demonstrates male athletes perform 10% to 20% better than comparably fit and trained female athletes. Science tells us that an influx of hormones does not reverse the biological male’s larger hearts and lungs, denser bones, and stronger muscles. I have witnessed it firsthand in my amateur powerlifting competitions.” 

According to a Charlotte Observer report, North Carolina is already unfair to girls who want to be high school athletes. The study ranked North Carolina 44th when comparing the gender equity gap between boys and girls. 47% of the state’s high schools had a participation gap at 10% or greater. We can do more to encourage participation.

Sports should be about fair competition, and for decades separating teams based on biological sex has proven to provide the fairest competition. There is no reason to change that today. According to a 2020 American Principles Project pole, 75.46% of North Carolinians agree. The study found that three-fourths of North Carolinians believe allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is unfair. Across a wide political spectrum, this issue is uniting women who believe in fairness and equality for female athletes.

“Within the measurement of history, it was not that long ago that women did not have their own sports teams and leagues, and in this way and many others were refused participation in their society. This is precisely the reason women fought for their own sports leagues, and why sex-segregation in athletics and other spaces in society exist today” said Charlie Rae, a Raleigh female athlete. Since the passing of Title IX in 1972, there has been a 990% increase in female sports participation.

Girls competing against biological males know the outcome at the start of the competition. The National Federation of State High School Associations reported that in the 2018/2019 school year 12% fewer females participated in sports compared to males. The Save Women’s Sports Act is about protecting and increasing those opportunities by maintaining fair play.

Jim Quick, Public Affairs Director at NC Values Coalition

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