REDSTATE: Freedom Caucus Chair Has Pro-Life Demand For Senate Health Care Bill

Congressman Mark Meadows is a hero to the pro-life community.  He is making it clear that the Freedom Caucus (of which he is the chair) will not vote for a Senate healthcare reform bill that does not include de-funding Planned Parenthood.  Proactive leadership for the pro-life movement is hard to find! Thank you Congressman Mark Meadows!

From Redstate:

Fortunately for Americans, there are still some level-headed politicians in D.C. Given what has transpired this past week, it would seem that this is increasingly rare.

Mark Meadows is chair of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of representatives whose disgust with the initial version of the AHCA put them at odds with the president and other party members. Now Meadows insists that the Senate version of the health care bill contain one major line item.

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