Religious Freedom Advocates Fire Back After ‘Hate Group’ Smear Over Jeff Sessions Speech

It appears that the media and Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) recent attacks on the Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF) have failed and even backfired. ABC and CBS are receiving a great deal of heat for having labeled ADF a "hate group". The Alliance for Defending Freedom is a well respected organization that provides legal aid to those dealing with cases that have to do with religious liberty. 

The SPLC has a record of making false claims of racism or hatred against those whom they simply disagree with. The NC Values Coalition is an ally of ADF and we are pleased to see how much people are pushing back against these claims. 

Read more from the Daily Signal:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, once revered but now often ridiculed, again attacked a prominent religious liberty organization as an “anti-LGBT hate group” after Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at its conference in California.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is the real hate group here,” @Vadum says.
The Christian legal aid group, Alliance Defending Freedom, fired back Thursday in a statement criticizing both the Southern Poverty Law Center and media coverage that adopts “cut-and-paste false charges” from the SPLC’s charged rhetoric.

“Alliance Defending Freedom is one of the most respected and successful Supreme Court advocates in the legal profession, having won seven cases at the High Court in the last seven years,” Kerri Kupec, communications director for Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF, said in the prepared statement, adding:

Southern Poverty Law Center spends its time and money attacking veterans, nuns, Muslims who oppose terrorism, Catholics, evangelicals, and anyone else who dares disagree with its fringe ideology. Meanwhile, ADF works every day to preserve and affirm free speech and the free exercise of religion for people from all walks of life and all backgrounds, because we believe freedom is for everyone.

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