NC Values Coalition Announces First Scorecard Vote for 2017


North Carolina Values Coalition to Score Votes During 2016 Fifth Extra Session

North Carolina Values Coalition Executive Director, Tami Fitzgerald, today announced that votes taken during the 2016 Fifth Extra Session will be scored as part of their 2017 Legislative Scorecard.  NC Values scores votes that are important to their coalition members.  During the 2016 Election cycle NC Values Coalition and its partners knocked on 392,000 doors in North Carolina in support of Governor Pat McCrory.  

A copy of the 2016 Scorecard can be found here.  

The NC Values scorecard scores legislators on how much they have championed pro-family values. 

SCORING KEY: Pro-family vote = 5 pts, Chairing=3 pts, Excused Absence = 2 pts, Not Voting = 1 pt, Anti-family vote = 0 pts, Not yet appointed at time of vote = / (not included in total # of votes).

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