rebuild our Christian civilization!

we need a comprehensive set of initiatives to avoid civilizational collapse. that can only be accomplished if we return to our civilizational foundation - Christianity. here's what everyone can start doing, individually or together, to start rebuilding our Christian civilization: - disconnect from the brainwashing machine (aka tv, newspapers, radio, movies, fiction books) and stop worshiping idols (aka, stars, celebs, sports teams, shows); - turn to each other and start doing something together, that will create an alternative cultural context. - restore Biblical literacy by setting up Bible study groups, like 1st century Christians - at homes, at work, etc. (official church in many ways is a part of the swamp); - question everything, since whoever controls power also controls “history”, “science” and “facts”; - don't get distracted by the enemy's agenda, insist on your agenda and focus on the Crusade; - refuse to submit to gaystapo demands at work - take a stand and raise counter-demands; - form local Christian militias; - set up local Christian communes; - pull your children out of public schools; - refuse to fund the “public education system” with your taxes, defund and dismantle the system of indoctrination altogether; - tighten the grip on the republican party by participating in conventions, submitting resolutions, nominating candidates and running for office; - boycott big corporations and support local mom-and-pop; - secure local food supply; - demand sovereignty for the states; - as the end goal - restore the Christian theocratic republic.

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