Special Friday Five: 5 reasons to support the NC Values Coalition

Welcome to a special end-of-the-year edition of the Friday Five! This final Friday of 2019, we would like to give you 5 reasons why you should consider making an end-of-the-year donation to celebrate the work the NC Values Coalition is doing defending your values.


1. NC VALUES: Our Pro-Life Work

This year was a major one in defending the rights of the unborn. Earlier in the year, the Trump administration passed the Protect Life Rule, which redirects Title X family planning program funds away from the abortion industry and bars taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring patients to abortion providers. Abortion is not family planning, yet by joining the State in a lawsuit against our President, Governor Cooper and Attorney General Stein have taken an extreme pro-abortion position that taxpayers should support abortion providers like Planned Parenthood with their tax dollars. 

In contrast to the President's administration, the Attorney General Josh Stein and Governor Roy Cooper forced North Carolina to join states like Oregon, New York, California, Vermont, and Colorado in their lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s new Title X rule. Their actions make North Carolina the only Southern state to join a lawsuit that ensures taxpayers are forced to continue filling the coffers of the abortion industry.

In response, we released a petition and click-to-contact tool that delivered tens of thousands of signatures in support of President Trump. 

We also launched campaigns that condemned Governor Cooper for historical support of late term abortion legislation in NC, as well as delivered click-to-contact campaign constituent signatures to legislators asking them to support pro-life anti-infanticide legislation in North Carolina such as the Born Alive bill.


2. NC VALUES: Our Pro-Religious Liberty Work

This year was also a major one for religious liberty. Over the year, a bill mislabeled as the "Equality Act" has passed the U.S. House, and was being considered by our U.S. Senators. Unfortunately, the so-called "Equality Act" actually enforces anti-religious liberty inequalities at the federal level. The implications for Christians would be disastrous and are antithetical to the First Amendment. The bill poses a major danger to medical professionals, children, parents, female athletes, artisans, charities, and other faith-based proponents of traditional marriage and biological sex. 

After passage of the so-called "Equality Act" by the U.S. House, we asked Senators Burr and Tillis whether they would support passage of the bill in the Senate. We paid a visit to Senator Tillis’ office and Senator Burr’s office in D.C. and met with one of their staff members in each office hoping to receive some clear statement on where they stand on the mis-named "Equality Act." We delivered thousands of constituent messages to their offices asking them not to support it.

In addition to being active in the federal and state legislatures supporting pro-religious liberty legislation, we also had an incredible year supporting religious liberty in the courts. The NC Values Coalition's sister organization‚ the Institute for Faith & Family, has filed a number of important amicus briefs used by the courts to render pro-religious liberty decisions:

If you support our ongoing pro-religious liberty work, would you consider making an end-of-the-year donation today?


3. NC VALUES: Our Pro-Family Work

2019 was also a major year for work defending parental rights and student privacy. At their Spring 2019 meeting, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) changed their original policy that required an athlete participate in sports based on the sex noted on the student's certificate of birth. The NCHSAA instead voted to now allow students to participate in sports based on their preferred gender identity, which a student identifies by submitting a "Gender Identity Request" form. We launched a click-to-contact campaign, petition, and public information requests directed at the NCHSAA that voiced NC's opposition to allowing athletes who were born male and went through puberty as males to compete in girls sports and share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with girls.

We also raised awareness to the national level a story and campaign about an incident where Ms. Melissa Wilson—a high school English teacher at Heritage High School—had her students take a Diversity Inventory that asks them to identify their sexual orientation, gender, religion, socio-economic class, as well of those of their family members, doctors, etc. 

Finally, at the NC Values Coalition, we're always looking for ways to fight for families. One of the issues that's always very close to our hearts are protecting the rights of parents of adopted and fostered children. We've been hard at work behind the scenes drafting and advocating for House Bill 918, which is known as the "Expedite Permanency" Bill. 

The bill deals with amending the child welfare statutes on abuse and neglect and speeding up permanency for babies who are born to addicted mothers. We launched a campaign to raise support for HB 918's passage, and will be carrying this focus into 2020.

If you support our ongoing pro-family work, would you consider making an end-of-the-year donation today?


4. NC VALUES: Our Pro-Values Candidates Election Work

The NC Values Coalition is the only organization in North Carolina whose primary purpose is to elect godly leaders to office so they will advance Biblical values through public policy and legislation. We will use our political and legal expertise, cutting edge technology, grassroots activism, a vast clergy network and the power of prayer to elect the right candidates who honor life, family and religious freedom. And then, we’ll advance legislation that will advance those values in the laws of our state, so that our culture reflects Biblical values. 

This year, in addition to specific campaign endorsements and digital ads that have reached hundreds of thousands of targeted NC voters, we launched three tools to help educate and equip voters during election season:



5. NC VALUES: Celebration of Carolina Values Event

Last month we were joined by 400 supporters from across our state to celebrate our Coalition's work of defending pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty Carolina values. 

It was a wonderful gathering and featured powerful testimonies and speeches by individuals such as NC Values' Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald, North Carolina Senator Joyce Krawiec, and former Planned Parenthood clinic director and current pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.

As we near the closing of this year and its battles, and the preparation of the campaigns we'll be doing in 2020, would you consider supporting our work defending and celebrating your pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty Carolina values by making a needed end-of-year donation today?




LORD, we first want to express our deep gratitude for our organization's great success this year. From our pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-family, and election campaigns, we have had arguably the most successful year in our organization's history. In addition, we have had a tremendous fundraising year and an incredibly successful Celebration of NC Values event. We have you to thank for the success, and we pray our work honors your truth in the public square.

With this deep-seeded gratitude express, we pray for your divine hand and blessing on our 2020 campaigns. As we close out the year, we pray for generous donors whose financial giving can start us on strong financial footing for the upcoming new year. We also pray that you may honor us with the responsibility to continue and advance the battles at the core of our organization. Finally, we pray for wisdom and protection of all of our team members, board members, donors, legislators, and coalition members.





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