Leaders of the General Assembly had a press conference where they stated they had an agreed-upon compromise over HB2 with Governor Cooper. However, Governor Cooper and Democrats responded that the Republican leaders were distorting the truth, and that Governor Cooper would settle for no compromise besides a full repeal of the law.

We hoped that by now Republican leaders of the General Assembly learned their lesson that Roy Cooper cannot be trusted on HB2. When they tried to repeal HB2 at the end of last year so they could work out a solution with the Governor, they were left embarrassed after Cooper instructed Democrats to pull any support. Contrast these actions with the leadership of Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who has stood unflinching in his support of HB2. Check out some of the quotes from a letter he sent on Monday to members of the General Assembly (Read the letter itself below).

Would you please take a minute to click below to email and call your legislators today, and share Lt. Governor Dan Forest's letter with them?

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