OPPOSE Radical K-12 Social Study Standards

On Thursday, February 4th, the NC State Board of Education will consider adopting divisive new statewide K-12 social studies standards. However, the proposed standards come with much controversy.

Chief among these critics was the newly elected Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson. In response to the Board's efforts, the Lt. Governor stated: 

"Such standards should be drafted without an underlying agenda, and without political motivations . . . Unfortunately, the standards as they are currently written do not accomplish this goal. Instead, they have been crafted by those on the radical left with an explicit agenda of being divisive, promoting left-wing ideology, and indoctrinating our students within public schools" (Lt. Governor Mark Robinson).

As proof of their political and critical motivations, Lt. Gov. Robinson pointed to the example of proposed standard CL.B.1, which orients the educational objectives for the Founding Principles of the United States of America and North Carolina lessons as follows:

"Explain how individual values and societal norms contribute to institutional discrimination and the marginalization of minority groups living under the American system of government" (Social Studies Standard CL.B.1).

At the NC Values Coalition, we stand strongly with Lt. Governor Robinson and others in calling for the NC Board of Education to OPPOSE the proposed Social Studies Standards revisions and its attempt to politicize public school education by indoctrinating our K-12 students. If you stand with us, would you take a minute to use this click-to-contact tool and ask your NC Board of Education members to OPPOSE the divisive and partisan standard revisions?


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