NC Values Coalition Statement on Barronelle Stutzman Ruling

For Immediate Release:

NC Values Coalition Statement on Barronelle Stutzman Washington State Supreme Court Ruling: 

"With North Carolina's HB2 in place the government can't coerce violations of conscience and take away freedom." 

"Today’s ruling by Washington State's Supreme Court crushes one of America’s most steadfast traditions and commitment to respecting all Americans’ freedom to peacefully live and work consistent with their beliefs without fear of government punishment. For years, the NC Values Coalition has warned about the harmful effects non-discrimination ordinances. This case shows how the government is using one of these laws to compel a 72-year-old grandmother and florist who lovingly served her friend and customer for ten years to participate in one ceremony that violates her beliefs."

"Now Barronelle faces losing all she owns, her house, her whole life savings. No creative professional should be forced to speak a message or participate in an event that violates their faith or face government imposed fines and frivolous lawsuits designed to mandate acceptance. Today’s ruling should frighten anyone who cares about being free from government dictating our thoughts, words, and actions, and points to the virtue of having HB2 in place in NC, so that government can't coerce violations of conscience and take away freedom.”

- Tami Fitzgerald, NC Values Coalition Executive Director


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