Thank Goodness We Have School Choice...

Last night, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board voted 7–2 to pass a measure to amend its Multicultural Policy to include "gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation" and to give them the power to teach these topics to Charlotte's kids.

While it's unfortunate, we can't say we're surprised. Before the vote, we caught one of the newly elected board members openly recruiting LGBT activists to attend the meeting and support her agenda.

It's a sad day when our public schools feel the need to politicize our children's education, and to rob parents of the rights to handle sensitive topics at home. What ever happened to letting kids be kids, and having schools focus on actually educating them?

Ironically enough, this week is also National School Choice Week. While CMS is left pursuing its social justice agenda, dozens of their schools continue to underperform in both grades and attendance.

All across the state, efforts like those of the CMS board have led to declines in public school enrollment, and increases in enrollments at charter schools, private schools, and home schools. You now have more school choice options, and more support, than ever before.

Whether you have kids in a Charlotte Mecklenburg public school or not, we don't want you to lose hope. You've got a choice for your kid's education! National School Choice Week helps us remember that parents have a ton of great options to have their kids attend some of the fantastic charter and private schools across the state!

Parents should be able to choose which school is best for their children, whether it's private school, home school, charter schools, or public schools. Now, in North Carolina, parents have lots of great choices! You don't have to be stuck in a school system like Charlotte's. Here’s some information we wanted to pass on to help you consider the schooling choices available to your family:

  • National School Choice Week Website:
  • List and Map of NC Charter Schools:
  • Opportunity Scholarship Program:,
    • Did you know that scholarships of up to $4,200 per year are available for children in kindergarten through 12th grade to attend participating nonpublic schools?
    • application period starts February 2nd.
  • North Carolina Personal Education Savings Accounts:
    • Did you know that the NC Personal Education Savings Account program was enacted last year? The ESA program allows families funds to pay for a variety of educational services.
  • NC Homeschooling Option:

Let us know how you plan to celebrate National School Choice Week, and thanks again for supporting parental rights at last night's CMS meeting!

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