THE BLAZE: Drag queen’s sexually charged act for public school talent show done in front of kids as young as 5

First drag queen story hour at a Brooklyn public library. Now this.

From The Blaze:

Parents are livid after a grown man dressed in drag took the stage at a New York City public school’s talent show last week and gave a sexually driven lip-sync performance — including pelvic gyrations and G-string flashes — in front of kids as young as 5 years old, the New York Daily News reported.

Even though the May 25 event featured students from Manhattan’s District 4, the raunchy performer was identified as a parent association president, the paper said.

Parents told the Daily News that his was the evening’s last act — and billed on the event flyer as a “Special Surprise Performance!”

The drag queen — who performs in drag clubs around the city, parents told the Daily News — greeted the crowd dressed in a bright red wig, pumps and an outfit that left little to the imagination.

Apart from shaking his rear end and ample, er, chest, the paper said he used his tongue in a suggestive manner during the lip-sync.

Video of the shocking routine showed him getting down on his side, lifting his leg in an erotic pose and then exposing his underwear-clad crotch.

By this point the crowd was shrieking.

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