The iVoterGuide is out!

We're excited to announce to you the launch of the 2022 primary election's iVoterGuide. As in years past, we have partnered with iVoterGuide, which produces a digital tool assessing over 12,000 candidates, and reaching 8 million voters in 35 states.

For the first time in North Carolina, school board candidates in select counties will be included in the ratings. 

It’s important citizens have solid guidance on candidates before voting, and the iVoterGuide is the best tool we have seen, using multiple data points to assess candidates. We are excited school board races will be included in this resource for the first time. With reports of rampant indoctrination in public education, parents are starting to take notice of who represents them on school boards and how those representatives directly affect their children’s education. 

Besides school board races, NC Values Coalition’s voter guide covers the U.S. Senate race, all Congressional races, General Assembly and appellate judicial races for the upcoming primary election. The goal is to educate conservative voters. We hope this digital voters’ guide will help make it easier for you to make informed decisions on your ballot.

With today marking the last day to register to vote, and the start of early voting on April 28th right around the corner, we encourage you to check out the iVoterGuide and lookup your primary ballot. 

You can also find access to the iVoterGuide on our NC Values Voter Toolkit. Our toolkit is designed to equip you to vote your values by organizing a number of important voter educational tools in one location ( It includes important election dates and information; our 2022 Legislative Scorecard; our 2022 Endorsements, and more. We've also included some QR-coded share sheets and bulletin inserts that you can print out and share with your church and neighbors. 

Finally, if you support our work hosting free candidate training workshops, offering free MamaBear School Board engagement manuals, and equipping voters like you with free tools like the iVoterGuide and our Voter Toolkit, would you consider making a needed one-time or monthly donation of $25, $50, $100, or more towards helping us our costs?

Tami Fitzgerald,
Executive Director, NC Values

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.